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3 PetTech startups to learn from. How to use pet online platforms to your advantage?

If you’re an independent dog day care company then you may be feeling like you are losing your share of the local market because of big players and online platforms that are often filled with inexperienced pet handlers. For established businesses, this loss of business can be incredibly demotivating. However, there are ways to turn this around and turn those PetTech startups to your advantage. Working with them andRead more

Pet Software

How to choose good pet software to grow your business?

If you run your own pet business then you’ll know that administration and paperwork can be very time consuming. Tasks such as tracking bookings, storing customer information, working out pricing and class schedules and sending invoices can start to take over and it’s so easy to let your to-do list get out of control. To stop this happening, many animal business owners decide to invest in good pet softwareRead more

Pet booking software

Pet industry – why is a good pet booking software vital?

A reliable pet booking software plays a vital part of a smooth running of a business. Have a look at some key benefits! Anyone who has ever got to have a look behind the scenes in a busy pet day care, pet store or a groomer knows that the days can be manic. There is a constant flow of customers – all with different needs, staff coming and goingRead more

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