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The calendar view enables you to see how many pets are booked in each day and for which type of service. Different services are colour coded, which helps to give a quick overview.

You can click on each day to get more detailed information than the daily overview.

Today's overview
One click check-in and check-out

Each day you can see the pets that are booked in. On arrival, you can check the pet in and after the service, check them out with just one click.

We also give you a detailed report showing how much time each pet spends with you.

Assign pet to staff

Drag and drop pets to assign them to your staff. Your team members will know which pet they are responsible for or which pet they are picking up/dropping off.

PetPond - Assign Pets to staff view

Customer overview

You have all your customer information at your fingertips, plus a host of ways to communicate with them, such as Email, Chat, and Text Messaging.




Pets overview

Select the pet to see all its vital information. You can check vaccination documents, emergency contacts, dietary requirements, booking history and updates from pet parents.



Make a booking
In 3 easy steps

Select your pet from ‘pets overview’, or go to pet parent profile first and select it from there.

Select the date for the service by clicking on the calendar or select the time frame for boarding on the top right corner of the booking page.

You can select multiple services and add them to the cart. You can add different services for different dates, on the left hand side you will see your cart with all the dates and selected services. When you want to complete the booking and add everything to the calendar, just click on ”Bill Now” or “Park”.

Booking orders

You can easily invoice your customers, check who has paid, see overdue payments, pending payments, and record received payments. Your customers also have access to their invoices and can complete online transactions.


Invoicing is a breeze on PetPond. You see all the orders placed by your customers and you can see more details of individual orders. Your invoices can also be sent to your accounting software or directly to your customers to collect payments.

Technical Specification

Cloud based

Accessible from any device, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Nothing to install, download, or update.

Fully responsive

You can access all PetPond's functionalities from any device including PCs, smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Integrated with your website

With our white label solution, we are completely integrated with your website by using your branding colours, logo, and domain.

Safe data storage

PetPond is securely hosted on Microsoft's Azure platform. Your data is safe and automatically backed up to different geographical locations with all sensitive information fully encrypted to protect you and your customers.

Regular system updates

We listen to feedback and feature requests for our community, which helps us to build an even better system. PetPond is updated regularly and new features are released every month at no additional cost.

Excellent support

We guarantee a system up-time of 99.9% and offer support for all our customers to make sure the system works best for you.

Integrated with accounting software

We work with Xero and QuickBooks, if you use any other accounting software please let us know and we will add it for you.

Online payment

You can collect payments straight away with a Stripe Account or you can send and invoices to your customers - the choice is yours.

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